The Final Piece In The Puzzle On The Path To Equality

Mission Equality's Vision to Reimagine and Redesign Education

In today’s video, Mission Equality co-founder Lea Jovy follows up on the three steps we’ve defined to pave a path to equality in the workplace with insight into the final piece of the puzzle.

The Final Piece In The Mission Equality Puzzle On The Path To Equality Transcript

Today I want to talk a little bit about the final piece in the puzzle at Mission Equality and it's a little bit further down the road on our product road map.

So we've got three programmes that we're in the middle of creating at the moment which are designed for workplaces and organisations to create ecosystems of equality. And obviously they are largely for adults to work through.

But the final piece in the puzzle is actually an entirely new and different curriculum for young people.

So the Mission Equality team is comprised of basically people who've spent the last three, four years working together and one of the big questions that we have asked ourselves over those three, four years is: if we were to create an entirely different system of education, entirely different curriculum, what would we build, what would we do?

And we have an answer to that and it's what we will be building towards the end of next year. It's designed to equip our young people with the skills, the knowledge, the capabilities they need to design and create equality around themselves, for themselves and for each other, and to basically create and thrive in a world that looks very different from the one that we have today.

And it's designed that way because what we see both - we have some parents on the team - what we see for other parents and adults and certainly with the adults we work with in organisations and the children around us is that they are just not being equipped with the skills that they need to drive and to create change and to have an impact on the world in a way that benefits everybody.

And the current system is doing what it was designed to do and it was designed that way intentionally but it doesn't serve us and it doesn't serve our young people.

And so we will be building an entirely different curriculum for young people towards the end of next year and it's something that we are really, really excited about.

Visit the Mission Equality and Equaliversity websites to see our vision for equality and the action we’re taking and supporting to bring an equal world into being.

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