The Path To Equality: Step 3

Changing The System

In today’s video, Mission Equality co-founder Lea Jovy follows up on the three steps we’ve defined to pave a path to equality in the workplace with a deeper dive into step 3.

The Path To Equality: Step 3 And Changing The System Transcript

Hello, today I would like to talk more about step three on the path to equality which is building ecosystems of equality around us that help us uphold and create more equality for everybody.

And the reason that we're focusing on this is because of the bubble that we've created for ourselves at Mission Equality which is basically a workplace and an organisation founded upon equality all the way through in everything that we do for everybody within the organisation.

It's like living in a different different world. It's kind of an alternate universe but when we continue to show up in the outside world and we experience the ongoing harm and oppression that dominate the systems today that most of us are subject to still, we realise that we can't be the only bubble of equality, and there is going to be no opportunity to create significant systemic change for more people if we're the only bubble

So it's why we do the work we do with other organisations to support them to create workplaces founded upon true equality. And if we can create more of these organisations and workplaces and we can all work together to create bigger ecosystems of equality, we have a chance a real chance at providing an alternative model that works, that gives people a lived experience of equality and what that can look like in more than just one workplace but in a in an ecosystem of several organisations and workplaces. And we have the opportunity to create more of these and each one can grow bigger - not necessarily it doesn't have to but could grow bigger - and we have a real viable opportunity to have significant impact and potentially create change on a systemic level.

So step three is the real big picture of of why we do what we're doing at Mission Equality and it's why we start with individuals and then workplaces so that we can facilitate and create potential systemic change.

Visit the Mission Equality and Equaliversity websites to see our vision for equality and the action we’re taking and supporting to bring an equal world into being.

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